The Skillsoft Integration Knowledge Base
Open Learning Services Architecture (OLSA)
Configuring OLSA Java Free for TPLMS
AICC and SCORM Support
AICC Integration
AICC Overview
AICC Customer Hosted
Test Process
Basic Troubleshooting
General Notes for AICC TPLMS Deployment
TPLMS specific notes for Skillsoft AICC Content
Absorb LMS
Cornerstone LMS
Cyberwisdom LMS
e2train Kallidus LMS
GeoLearning v5.x LMS
GeoMaestro LMS
IBM Lotus LMS v1.05
Meridian Global LMS
Moodle LMS v1.8.8, v1.9.4 and later
Mzinga v7.x LMS
NetDimensions EKP v5.x
Oracle iLearning v5.0b
Oracle OLM v11-12
Pathlore v6.6
Plateau v5.8
Saba v5.x
SumTotal LMS v8.2
ThinQ v5.2
Default TPLMS Player Properties for AICC
SCORM Integration
SCORM Overview
Customer Hosted
Test Process
Basic Troubleshooting
General Notes for SCORM TPLMS Deployment
TPLMS Specific notes for SkillSoft SCORM Content
Cornerstone LMS
e2train Kallidus LMS
GeoMaestro LMS v4.x (formerly GeoLearning)
IBM Lotus LMS v1.05
NetDimensions EKP v5.6
Plateau v5.8
Saba v5.3
Saba v5.4
SumTotal LMS v8.2
ThinQ v5.2
Default TPLMS Player Properties for Skillsoft SCORM Content
Players and Content Servers
Getting Started
Content Server Overview
Bandwidth Consumption
Web Server Requirements
Content Installer Instructions
Install Skillsoft Components
Typical Installation
Custom Installation
New Courseware Installation
Installer Options Descriptions
If the Installation Fails
Install SCORM Runtime Environment
Course Only Installation
Install a SkillStudio Course
Configure Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
Configure Windows 2003 Server
Web Accessibility Configuration
Electronic Delivery System
Electronic Delivery System (eDelivery)
Getting Started
Overview of the Skillsoft Electronic Delivery System
Technical Requirements
eDelivery Access
Finding Content
Searching for Content
Filter Conditions
Installing Content
Preparing Content Installation
Downloading Installer Files
Configuring the Install Kit
Course Installation Overview
Performing Content Installation
Content Installer Overview
Step 1 - Select Installation Options
Step 2 - Course Only Installation
User Management
Access to User Management
Add a New User
Edit an Existing User
Activating Users
Setting the Site Admin
Player Configuration
SCP and RIA Player Configuration Steps
CCA Course IDs
Common Course Architecture (CCA) ID Format
Comparing CCA with the Legacy Formats
SCORM and AICC Standards
Properties Tool
Properties Tool Overview
Using the Properties Tool
Backing Up Properties Files
Property Descriptions
SimPagePlayer.Properties properties (SkillSoft Simulation Player)
Course Map
Scoring and Completion
SCP Scoring and Completion
Scoring and Completion Overview
CCA Scoring and Completion
Testing Options
Partial Credit Assessments
Business Skills Scoring and Completion
e3 Content Scoring and Completion
EK Gap Content Completion Anomalies
Simulation Player Scoring and Completion
Simulation Modes
Completing or Failing a Simulation
Scoring a Simulation
Using JAWS with the Skillsoft Course Player
Enabling Text to Speech for NETg Learning Studio
Installing Microsoft Speech API
Installing NETg Screen Reader Resource Files
Browser Maintenance
First Time Access with Text to Speech Activation
Content and LMS Relayer Overview
Installing lmsRelayer
System Requirements
Install Java
Install Tomcat
Remove Existing ISAPI Relayer
Install Relayer
Configure IIS
Configure SkillPort
Configure the SkillSoft LMS
Reinstall or Upgrade Relayer
Log Files
Uninstall Relayer
Customize Tomcat to use a Different Port
Installing contentRelayer
System Requirements
Install Java
Install Tomcat
Install Relayer
Configure IIS
Configure the Players
Scoring and Completion
Reinstall or Upgrade Relayer
Log Files
Uninstall Relayer
Customize Tomcat to use a Different Port
Relayer v4.5.7 Release Notes (April 2017)
SCM Configuration
SCM Configuration
OCM.INI Property Descriptions
SCM Installation
SCM Client Upgrades
SCM Installation Structure
SCM Download Specifications
NetDownload Instructions
Install Skillsoft Course Manager
Download Course Content
Playing Offline Content
Removing Offline Content
Checking Offline Progress
Configuring the SCM to Work with a Proxy Server
AutoDetect Proxy Configuration
Manual Proxy Configuration
Proxy Configuration Utility
Course Manager on CD-ROM
Install SCM from CD-ROM on a Windows System
Install SCM from CD-ROM on a Macintosh System
Playing a CD-ROM Course
Synchronizing Your Results
Creating Custom Curriculum CD-ROMs
Using CD-ROM Library Content
Using Content Received Through e-Delivery
Customizing the Mastery Threshold
Creating Custom Curriculum CD-ROMs
Customizing the Arrangement of Skillsoft Content
Distributed Package
Remote SCM Installation
SCM MSI Guidelines
Installation Prerequisites
Generating the MSI
Command Line Installation
Installation Notes
Uninstalling SCM
Uninstalling SCM - Windows Platform
Uninstalling SCM - Macintosh Platform
ListContent Utility
Getting Started with Custom Course Job Aids